The beginning was not pretty.  I began blacksmithing at the age of seventeen.  Years were spent producing painful burns and work I hope never to

lay eyes on again.  But I could not shake the desire to shape hot steel at the anvil.  As with any artist who devotes themselves to one medium, it

has become intertwined with every aspect of my identity.

As my experience grows, I constantly become more in awe of the ingenuity and skill that has been passed down through the generations.  I now

sense the opportunity I have to add my link to the long chain and share with others what has been shared with me. 

Blacksmithing has brought me around North America, working with many wonderful smiths.  I now live and work in the deep woods of Pictou County,

Nova Scotia with my wife and two daughters.  Together we grow a garden, raise chickens and laugh at how silly it all can be. 



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